Weekly Vlog Announcement + Robot Teaser Trailer

Hey everyone!

If you’re a fan of our Weekly Vlogs, you’re probably wondering why we haven’t released any of them for the last 3 weeks. On top of being extremely busy with building, we figured doing weekly update videos spoiled our robot. We decided in order for us to be more competitive, its best that we don’t reveal much of our robot at all, and unfortunately its too hard to make weekly vlogs without spoiling our design. In the future, we will still be doing vlogs to document our robot progress, but they will be more sporadic and will feature minor teasers (for suspense purposes) instead of trite updates.

With that said, we’re coming down to the wire with build season. Our robot is near completion and we’re putting the final touches on it. We’re very excited about this year’s robot and we can’t wait to reveal it to the FIRST community. Our 2016 Robo T-Birds Trailer is going to be airing this Wednesday, February 24, and will be a teaser leading up to our Official Robot Reveal video which will be airing this Friday (tentative release). We can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to quite possibly one of our best robots we’ve ever made. Good luck everyone!

– Team 1672

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