Our Mentors

Mrs. Catherine Schwartz

Catherine Schwartz is an AP Physics teacher at Mahwah High School. Her insight provides the team with adequate support for tackling the many physics-related problems that are presented in the competition each year. She also, in partnership with Mr. Montana, takes care of many higher-level club actions that the students do not have permission to complete.

Contact: cschwartz@team1672.org

Mr. Joseph Montana

Joseph Montana is a Geometry teacher at Mahwah High School. In addition to providing mathematical assistance to the students, he also takes charge of many of the club meetings and is often seen as “the face of the club.”

Contact: jmontana@team1672.org

Mr. Wong

In addition to the teachers, experienced engineer Mr. Wong also assists with the design and building process, ensuring our success and providing industry-grade insight to make our robot as efficient and effective as possible.

Contact: mwong@team1672.org