The Mahwah Robo T-Birds is a team of bright, driven Mahwah High School students that compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition—a worldwide tournament in which high schools from all around the world build their own robot from scratch to compete/cooperate in a special game.

In these competitions, students are tasked with designing, building, testing, and improving a robot in six weeks with minimal help from adults, placing them into a near-perfect simulation of the real-world engineering process. In just the past few years, they have built robots that can shoot balls into different-sized hoops, traverse through up to ten different types of obstacles, lift themselves up from the ground, and more.

The Robo T-Birds originally began as a small robotics club. The club mainly focused on the use of the TI-83’s to program small robots to do simple tasks. Mr. Bruce Light, a Mahwah High School math teacher, heard about the club, and decided to transform it into a FIRST team, and since 2005, the Robo T-Birds has been competing within FIRST Robotics. Over the years, hundreds of students have gone through Mahwah’s robotics program and it continues to grow as a team and as a community with a common passion for robotics.