Meeting 1/10/2019 Recap

Here’s where all of the teams are at: Ball Intake: Finalized design with CAD Bought materials For next time: decide length of chassis hole Chassis: Wheels done Chassis is being assembled Wheel of Fortune: Finalized design Cut out metal for frame Buying motors Wheel of Fortune Field Element: Cut all wood parts Started assembling Hanging: […]

Meeting Recap 1/8/2020

At today’s meeting, we started on the design of the chassis, ball intake/storage, climbing mechanism, and Wheel of Fortune spinner. We’re going to start building tomorrow, so remember to bring your safety contracts and safety goggles! Here’s a breakdown of the teams. If you do not see yourself on the list below or want to […]

Meeting 1/6/2020 Recap

We’re off to a really great start this season! Here’s what we did at today’s meeting, please take the time to read it all if you did not attend and take a look at the end to see a preview of tomorrow’s meeting: How We Are Ranked at Competitions Our ranking at competitions is determined […]

Meeting 12/5/2019 Recap

At this meeting, we went over the roles of the team, FIRST awards, kickoff permission slips, and the new VARSITY LETTER! The most important points are detailed below. Please read it in its entirety if you did not attend: 1. Kickoff Permission Slip Kickoff is mandatory for all members! At 9AM on the first Saturday […]