2016 – Stronghold

The 2016 First Robotics Competition game is titled Stronghold. This game involves crossing defenses, shooting boulders, and scaling a castle. In comparison to past games, this game is very audience oriented. After 2015, FIRST decided to gear their games and themes towards the general public in efforts to increase participation in the FIRST community. The field is comprised of 4 out of 8 varying defenses on each side. This gives the opportunity for alliances as well as the audience to select the configuration of the field prior to the match start.

Our 2016 Robot is fully student designed which implements one fabricated part. The CAD file for this part can be found below. All other parts are publicly available for purchase from AndyMark, or Home Depot –otherwise they are found in the 2016 Kit of Parts.

The robot code is written in Java and features multi-threading to remove input lag and allow for simultaneous inputs from the driver. It also implements ActionListeners to decrease the stress on our roboRio.

A number of sensors are being used to provide accurate positioning and utilization of the various mechanisms found on the robot. There will be 3 encoders on the robot along with a gyroscope and two ultrasonic sensors.

We would like to thank Orion Manufacturing Corporation for fabricating and donating hubs for our 2016 robot.