Meeting 1/6/2020 Recap

We're off to a really great start this season! Here's what we did at today's meeting, please take the time to read it all if you did not attend and take a look at the end to see a preview of tomorrow's meeting:


How We Are Ranked at Competitions

Our ranking at competitions is determined by how many ranking points (RP) we have compared to other teams. While winning (getting the most points in a match) can score us 2 RP, there are also other ways we can get RP:

  • At the end of the match, two robots on the alliance balance on the bar and the other is parked on the square in the middle: 1 RP
  • 49 balls are scored and the spinning wheel is turned to match the alliance color: 1 RP

Doing both of these things and losing still gives us the same amount of ranking points as just winning, meaning they are more important to our success.

Also, in the quarter-finals of competitions, the top 8 teams get to be the "alliance captains" and choose which teams' robots to pair up with (3 per team). That means two things:

  1. Most of the top 20 robots at a competition get picked to compete in quarter-finals
  2. Specialized robots that can do one thing really well instead of doing many things mediocre are more likely to get picked

Therefore, it's more important that our robot is consistent rather than able to do the most stuff.

Robotics Brainstorming 1_6_2020


We split into groups and came up with ideas about the different aspects of the robot. Then, we regrouped and shared. Here were the main points of the discussion:

  • Aiming high may seem beneficial at first, but considering the inconsistency and slowness of aiming and shooting and the ranking point gained from the spinning wheel (which can only be gained from first depositing 49 balls), we decided it would be more beneficial to "dumpster" balls into the low goal instead of aiming for the high goal.
  • Based on the rules, defense may not be a great option for most games, since a penalty will be given for any contact within the marked zones.
  • Mechanisms for lifting the robot up:
    • Motor and Lead Screw/Gears
    • Pulley System
    • Push Up Robot From Bottom
  • Mechanisms to keep it from falling back down after the game ends:
    • Locking Mechanism
    • Rachet
  • If we have two ideas, we could develop both and use a modular design

Team Roles

Based on the self-reflection sheet that we filled out a few weeks ago, here are the assigned groups for each role. If you do not see your name on the role list, want to change your role, or have any questions, let us know over Remind or at the next meeting that you can attend.

Blue = Has 2 Roles  Red = Has 3 Roles

Only having one role is recommended, but some groups are busier at different points in the season, so floating between them is possible.

There were also extra roles that were assigned based on the self-reflection. If you want to join or change between any of these roles or have any questions let us know either at the next meeting you attend or on Remind.

Next Meeting

  • Do Research on Other Robots (specifically climbing mechanisms)
  • Decide our primary ideas on:
    • Climbing
    • Ball Intake
    • Unloading Balls
    • Storing Balls
    • Chassis
  • Make a shopping list of all materials we need to buy to start building

Thank you guys so much for being an awesome group, hope to see you all tomorrow!


P.S. : you can find high quality photos of the team throughout the year at

Look under Portfolio, Password: tbirds07430