Meeting 12/5/2019 Recap

At this meeting, we went over the roles of the team, FIRST awards, kickoff permission slips, and the new VARSITY LETTER! The most important points are detailed below. Please read it in its entirety if you did not attend:

1. Kickoff Permission Slip

Kickoff is mandatory for all members! At 9AM on the first Saturday of January (1/4/2020), we will be travelling to Pascack Valley High School to their kickoff event, where we will learn the details of this year's game, receive our basic "care package" of robot parts, and more.

Please see Ms. Schwartz in Room 119 to pick up your permission slip ASAP! These are due at next meeting (Next Thursday).


2. Varsity Letter!

We're officially a varsity team now! Getting a varsity letter is an honor requires superior commitment and dedication to the team.

Members will earn Varsity Status if they have completed the following for two consecutive years:

  1. Successful completion of participation in Robotics.
    1. Demonstrate excellent effort at team meetings, during and after build season, and at competitions.
    2. Assist with organization, upkeep, clean-up, and bus load-in/out of all robotics equipment.
    3. Distinguish themselves as a leader and active participant.
  2. Full attendance at Kick-off event, critical build days, and any mandatory meetings with no unexcused absences.
  3. Meet all attendance requirements:
    1. Attend 85% of build season: (allowed 8 unexcused absences between Kick-off and the first competition). Students that are involved in another extra-curricular activity that overlaps with the robotics build season should notify the team advisers before the beginning of build. These students will be allowed 2 additional absences for said extra-curricular activity.
    2. Attend four out of six days of district competitions.
    3. Attend off-season meetings and community outreach events.

An excused absence is defined in the school attendance policy. All excused absences must be communicated with the team advisers. Athletic and academic competitions/performances will not be counted as an excused absence.

3. FIRST Awards

At competition, there are several awards we can win outside of winning the tournament:

  • Entrepenuership (Business Plan) Award
  • Gracious Professionalism (Behavior at Competition) Award
  • Safety Award

If you are interested in any of these, let us know on the "goal" question of the self-reflection form (see below).


4. Roles

At the meeting, we had different stations presenting different robot-based roles:

  • Assembly - putting together the robot chassis, robot structure, and replica field elements we will use to test the robot
  • Mechanics - designing parts to complete functions of robot using motors, pneumatics, etc.
  • Programming - control, camera, and autonomous functions of the robot
  • Electronics - wiring of the robot

There are also several non-robot roles that you can apply for in addition to your robot role:

  • Safety Specialist - works on and enforces safety procedures/manual with the safety captain
  • Pit Person - has extensive knowledge of the team and can present to judges at competitions
  • Website and Social Media Management - consistently update and manage website/socials in a professional and fun way
  • Financial Specialist - works with the CFO to complete the business plan, complete finances, and communicate with sponsors

5. Self-Reflection Form

On Google Classroom, fill out the self-reflection sheet to the best of your ability (the most important parts are the roles on the second page!) before the end of Friday. 

Link (may not work):

I hope you all are just as excited for kickoff as I am! Enjoy your weekend and see you soon -Ethan