Meeting Recap 1/8/2020

At today's meeting, we started on the design of the chassis, ball intake/storage, climbing mechanism, and Wheel of Fortune spinner. We're going to start building tomorrow, so remember to bring your safety contracts and safety goggles!

Here's a breakdown of the teams. If you do not see yourself on the list below or want to change, please let us know the next time you come in:

Here's a quick summary of what all of the teams did today:

Chassis/Bumpers Team:

  • Still deciding on whether we should keep three wheels on each side
  • We have to cut one side --> for power cell (ball) intake
  • We have to communicate with shooter team and proceed with their plans 🙂

Intake/Shooter Team:

  • Came up with general designed (ramp with wheel axles that can intake from both bottom and top, load in one side and shoot out the other)

Control Panel Team:

  • Made pseudocode for color detection
  • Figured out measurements and how to design the spinning wheel

Climbing Team:

  • Discussed hook ideas and brainstormed
  • Piston firing up? Use two hooks with rubber to increase traction
  • Able to attach in middle and self-balance

Once again, if you're not on the role list below and/or want to be added to an extra roll, let us know next meeting:

Blue = On 2 Roles   Red = On 3 Roles

Thank you guys for reading, see you soon!