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In anticipation of the 2016 FRC game, The Robo T-Birds have decided to take on the challenge of creating a robot that can move a basketball and place it into a pot. This challenge is intended to teach new members how the team functions as a whole and prepare them for the actual build season. So, we split up the team into three groups:

Drive Train

This group is responsible for the chassis of the robot, the gearboxes, motors, and wiring the 2015 Control System. The below video shows a similar chassis that we are building together.



The arm mechanism attaches to the the frame and claw. This is used to lift up the ball in order to place it into the pot. We are using a similar design to the mechanism used to lift up the ball in our 2014 robot for Aerial Assist. This involves a motor spinning a sprocket with an attached belt.



The claw mechanism is used to grip the basketball. This design is still in the works. But, will feature two geared motors to close down on the ball.


Update: With the finished chassis, electronics, and the arm. Now, we need to add the claw mechanism and wire that motor.

For more news, updates, and media of our pre-season robot, be sure to check out our youtube and twitter.